[NEWS] SNSD’s Dating Rule: “Can’t Keep It A Secret Between Members”!

Did you know that 1 pound of fat is 3, kcal? We always eat, that way we can survive. Our faces swell up when we are tired. Maybe something to hide? Then, we have an extract of the Beatles Code in December where members are also talking about their eating habits 0: So the myth of Sooyoung being a food ogress is debunked.

Im Yoon-ah

Imagine your boyfriend being a renowned author and the brand marketing company CEO. Hyo Yeon is dating Kim Joon Hyung for two years until their separation in The couple first met at a gathering on December 30,

On New Year’s Day both of the stars’ agencies confirmed rumors that the two were dating after local online news media Dispatch released several photos of YoonA getting into Lee’s car on a.

But it’s finally here – Girls’ Generation are back with ‘Lion Heart’, their first studio album since ‘s ‘I Got A Boy’ and their first as an eight piece. It’s clear from the offset that a lot of effort has been put into this album campaign considering that it’s being promoted with not one, not two but THREE singles.

For fans of Girls’ Generation more cute concepts then Lion Heart is right up your street. A retro inspired pop track, the girls showcase off their softer side with wonderful harmonies and cute styling. I was initially unsure about this song based on the teaser but I actually really enjoy this song. I like how the focus of the song is on the vocals and harmonisation which isn’t all that common in K-Pop. It reminds me of tracks from their ‘Oh!

Packed to the brim with attitude and sex appeal, this is sure to appeal to fans of tracks such as ‘The Boys’ and ‘Run Devil Run’. I initially heard this song in demo form before the girls recorded it so I’m having to adjust hearing this sung in Korean but it’s a great song.

Questions about Yoona SNSD & Donghae Super Junior?

They managed to catch another big one. The breaking news was released on 18 Jun , complete with photos of Taeyeon fetching Baekhyun from his dorm for a late night date in the car. In one of the photos, it even seems like they are kissing. Allkpop, Dispatch Just reading that article felt like a stab in my heart. SM has yet to issue a comment at that time, so I was praying that it is not true somehow.

But who am I kidding.

Snsd Girl S Generation Yuri Teaser Nowkpop -> Source Yuri suffers injury ahead of girls generation s 10th anniversary girls generation member yuri injures leg ahead of comeback plastic surgery meter yuri girls generation snsd girls generation yuri sceneups.

From disbandment rumors to dating scandals, SONEs have survived almost anything thrown at them, proving that they’re the most loyal fans ever. Here, we listed down the reasons why nothing can shake their love for SNSD! They didn’t leave them during the black ocean issue. In SNSD’s case, their fandom color is pink that’s why their lightstick produces that color whenever you turn it on.

Well, there were many theories as to why this happened but nothing was ever confirmed, but the SONEs who were there still waved their pink lightstick even if almost everyone didn’t. This was definitely appreciated by the group as the fandom grew bigger in the next year. Jessica’s departure didn’t lessen their love.

It’s a known fact that she was one of the members who has an important position in the group especially in communicating with their international fans as she can speak English fluently and has outstanding vocals. Everyone was left heartbroken by the news, even the other fandoms since the group was in the peak of their career.

Yuri snsd dating oh seung hwan

Dance, Acting, Swimming Casted: September 22, Zodiac Sign: Hyoyeon is ambidextrous, she actively use both of her left hand and right hand.

SNSD TaeYeon sends her apologies to fans regarding the news about her dating EXO’s Baekhyun. Though there’s nothing to be sorry about, SNSD’s Taeyeon being a thoughtful and kind person that she is, has greeted fans with an apology.

August by choiminhoismine Illuminati symbolism is not only present in American pop culture, it is also heavily referenced in Korean pop K-Pop , a multi-billion industry that reaches millions of young fans. Most of the articles found on The Vigilant Citizen have discussed the Illuminati symbolism found in the works of American artists. In the last years however, the J-Pop Japanese pop and K-Pop South Korean pop industries have been producing their own factory-made pop stars to serve the enormous Asian market.

The homogeneity of the messages the global population is exposed to is becoming increasingly apparent as cultural and local differences are being replaced by a single, calculated and debased popular culture. Narsha starts by being a good, godly girl and undergoes a profound spiritual transformation. The video begins with an average working guy representative of the masses working hard for his money. While drilling a hole, he accidentally uncovers a secret underground world that immediately attracts him.

He is then swept into an alternate, spiritual world—some might call it the astral plane—where he must choose his spiritual destiny. Narsha poses as a dualistic spiritual being, starting the video wearing classical Christian symbols.

SNSD Member Sunny Reportedly Dating Seo In Guk

What dramas did Tiffany, Soo-young, and Seo-hyun acted in and where will they go next? They decided to part ways and pursue their acting career at different agencies. Tiffany will be studying in the US while Soo-young and Seo-hyun will be focusing on acting. Tiffany jumps into in acting Many agree that Tiffany is one of the best vocalists in the K-pop industry. She had to add acting to that too. She decided to learn acting, a new skill and her passion to become a multi-talented superstar.

Korean Celebs Photo News. Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I posted posts about your biases.

However, Yuri stayed for an extra 5 days until the 11th. The day after on the 12th, Oh Seung Hwan had his first appearance in Japan’s professional league. While it’s not enough to say that this is proof, Sunday News reports that most of the professional baseball league knows of their relationship. Insiders say Yuri probably stayed not to go on dates with him, but to support him, as Oh Seung Hwan is known for focusing only on his games during the season.

The two of them have been spotted together since last November. Oh Seung hwan was in Korea during November and December, and the two reportedly met up together often during the two months. Send us your questions for Minzy! An entertainment insider who saw them together in December said, “There were other people there other than Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan, but you could easily tell that they were a couple.

It was nice to see him taking such good care of her. As stars that represent the entertainment and sports worlds, I think they need quiet support so they can love each other while still doing the best in their careers more than they need excessive interest.

This Is The Real Reason Why SNSD Yuri Wore Her Badass Sunglasses In “I Got A Boy”

This article, from early this month, tries to get at the heart of the issue. This story, however, is ongoing and many details may continue to be revealed. Even for minor cases, its good to take measure of the gains and losses. You have to verify who has been falsely accused, and who is the real victim.

Jul 09,  · Big Band member Taeyang made a surprise confession on the SBS show Strong Heart today saying that “Last winter, I went on a blind date with SNSD member Yuri.

December 5, Zodiac Sign: Dance, Acting, Swimming Casted: Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days Win Win Ep. Yuri got slapping habit 7. Yuri was said a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member by more than 1 psychologist you can watch from viewable radio that invites psychologist 8. Yuri acts feminine when a handsome guy is near her 9. Yuri can make an imitation of Oh Duri Yuri ever pranked Sunny with a call to Chunji radio just because she missed Sunny so much Yuri takes care of her health so much Yuri is one of the shikshins in SNSD

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Yuri Dating Pro Baseball Player Oh Seung Hwan Confirmed!

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