It’s a Girl! Russell Brand Welcomes a Daughter

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Permalink Reply by Not mainstreamer on February 14, at How anyone gives this narcissistic, psychopathic, opportunistic arsehole the time of day, is beyond me. Permalink Reply by Sweettina2 on August 28, at 3: Probably Jessee Ventura too. Reply Permalink Reply by Sweettina2 on September 5, at 3: I have taken some flak for saying that about him and the others that are paid to make peace while they make war.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry: Katy Perry has been identified as one of the top Illuminati princesses/slaves since her debut in I Kissed a Girl, written and produced by pop mogul Max Martin. Martin has had his hand in just about every slave hit since the mid 90’s. He has made superstars out of the Backstreet Boys, N’Synch, Ace of Base, and.

The new electric galaxy of events has already moved into the Gutenberg Galaxy. Communication process is circular and linear; Provided the additional notion of a “field of experience”; Included feedback; included culture; included context- Wilbur Schramm’s Model, Kincaid’s Convergence model: Circuit tracing method allows studying of incoming and outgoing signals from any two brain centers; they can look aat up to four links in a circuit.

They see that as their technological innovatio Subliminal Seduction and Mass Mind Control and Techniques Communications Thinkers On Mass Media The most important dividing points in the history of civilization were each accompanied by an invention that caused an information explosion. Such information explosions have a tendency to propel civilization to the next level.

Electronic computers, however, are capable of creating a totally domineering entity since the invention of the printing press and the publication of books. Computers can multiply our ability to find, analyze, and make use of vast quantities of extant information, thereby circumventing the information limits that limits the invention of the printing press and the publication of books.

Robertson breaks civilizations into four categories, and Level 1 being the emergence of Language; Level 2 is the development of writing systems; Level 3 is the invention of the printing press and the publication of books; and Level 4 is the computer age. It is from these four aspects that we can see the evolving and evolution of media in its multi formed and multifold manifestations we are now dealing with in this Technological society.


A psychic medium’s true story of how she came to discover herself and all of the strange things that happened to her along the way. What you’re referring to- “reptilians”, some call them Jinn, some say they are possessed, there’s all kinds of terms bandied about. Something does and can take over your being if you summon it. If you deliberately do things like Goetian magick and think it’s all a goof like your friend and mutual acquaintance of mine Daniel Pinchbeck did to further his career, you WILL in fact be possessed by said forces.

And when I asked him why he doesn’t give his books away for free and why does he do book tours, and why does he promote his books on Coast to Coast AM and basically any media outlet he can get his hands on, he said “I’m on a spiritual journey and want to share with people my mission”.

Russell Brand who is currently courting the Rothschilds / Goldsmith family agenda and relative. He has been put in place to control and brainwash the youth into believing the rich do care.

As John Judge assesses Chomsky’s verdicts on the murders of Kennedy and King, “it’s just a function of how much you liked the guy whether he was done in by coincidence or not. If little else is certain beyond the seldom acknowledged fact that Dodi Fayed was the nephew of Adnan Khashoggi, then the late admission that the US Secret Service “was bugging her calls in the hours before she was killed” establishes beyond doubt that this was a person of interest to actors who should be persons of interest to us.

It’s the kind of disclosure that is usually processed by an incurious media as a fact “that will only fuel conspiracy theories,” without asking even the most cursory questions that the new evidence begs, like why were the Americans bugging Diana, for how long before her fatal crash had they been doing so, and is it plausible, as alleged, that they were doing this without a nod and a wink from MI6?

Sometimes you can tell a conspiracy by the high grade of disinformation that accrues about it, including the number and quality of shadowy “renegade insiders” eager to step up, speak out and muddy the waters. For instance, former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson claimed both driver Henri Paul and photographer James Andanson, whose white Fiat purportedly struck Diana’s death car before it lost control, were employed by his agency to spy on the celebrity couple.

Paul of course died in the crash, and Andanson was found dead in the woods three years later, an apparent suicide. And it may even be true, but to showcase the truth within the framework of a lie is to strip its consideration of credibility. He has shown up in allegations that Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered, he has shown up involving allegations of the bombing of Pam Am , and then he showed up in this latest endeavor of his.

He is quite a man of mystery. I lost my job, my house, my wife and children because it all became too much for me Today I feel under great stress again because the establishment is mounting a campaign against me. They are very powerful and privileged and have lots of money to pay lawyers to prevent me from telling the truth.

Russell Brand Confirms He’s Going to Be a Dad: ‘Time to Get Ready!’

Congratulations are in store for the couple who welcomed their first child together over the weekend. But, who is the woman that was capable of such task? The year-old is not directly linked to the entertainment world, but she is quite familiar with it. The sisters grew up together on the wealthy town of Wentworth Estate in leafy Surrey. They certainly had a privileged childhood as the daughters of golf legend, Bernard Gallacher and his wife Lesley.

In , Brand achieved fame as the host of a spin-off of the spooky Big Brother. Russell Brand is dating Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith).

Russell Brand is probably most well-known for his over the top raunchy characters on film and television, and his blunt style of humor, but he’s about to land a new role — dad! That’s because the comic’s year-old girlfriend, Laura Gallacher, is reportedly five months pregnant!! A friend close to Russell dished: It feels like a new chapter in their lives and the couple are enjoying every moment, including discussing baby names. Most of his closest friends have children and he was desperate to start a family.

Of course one of the year-old actor’s most high-profile relationships was his marriage with Katy Perry that ended in divorce back in At different times, the comedian apparently wanted to start a family with Perry as well as with another former gf, Jemima Khan, as the insider revealed: It was just last year that the expecting couple rekindled their love and enjoyed some quality time together in Rome.

As a result of the happy baby news, it’s reported that the couple is already planning out a nursery at their home they share near Henley-onThames, Oxfordshire. What do you think about the exciting news?!


He was born at Oporto. After being educated in the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, when twenty-five years of age he became skeptical, and then adopted the Jewish faith; but as the profession of such was not allowed him in his own country, he fied to Amsterdam, where he was formally received into the Jewish community, and changed his name, which had been Gabriel, to Uriel.

But what he conceived to be the Pharisaism and spiritual pride of the Amsterdam Jews disgusted him, and he opposed many of their ideas, and especially denied that the doctrine of immortality had any Mosaic sanction. Hence he became involved in a controversy with his rabbinical teachers. He was also excommunicated, and so remained for seven years, when he recanted after ignominious treatment.

Russel Brand Dating Illuminati Insider’s Daughter-Take Back The Truth Movement • rikisuave Znanje 4 leta nazaj Povezana iskanja carlo • russel • brand.

Whether it’s his well spoken nature, subject matter or the fact that he is a celebrity so people will suddenly listen, he’s a hot topic and I don’t mind considering what he is sharing. Recently Russell went at it with Jeremy Paxman discussing the need for a world revolution and encouraging people to begin standing up for one. He brings attention to the fact that politically and systematically our world is broken and he feels voting will never fix the situation regardless of our beliefs behind the system of democracy.

I entirely agree with him in that statement. Time and time again, our system has proven its lack of efficacy when it comes to taking care of the people, creating peace and leaving people happy. He’s certainly not the only one talking about this considering the world seems to be in the early stages of a revolution, but I am glad he is speaking up about it. It is not everyday you see someone with his ‘social status’ speak about these things so publicly.

I think it is a necessary step to get some people listening, but I feel we need to be careful not to idolize anyone. It’s idolizing that makes us forget we are all equal and that all of our words mean something. After all, it is because of the ‘average joe’ speaking up for so many years that people like Russell even have a stage when they decide to speak out.

Russel Brand ♥ Tom Cruise Masonic ♥ Handshake

Blavatsky last week we make the following extracts, want of space alone preventing us from publishing it entire. It was written in her usual lively and entertaining style, and her opinions expressed are worthy of careful study, many of them being fully consistent with the true state of affairs. For over fifteen years have I fought my battle for the blessed truth; I have travelled and preached it—though I never was born for a lecturer—from the snow- covered tops of the Caucasian Mountains, as well as from the sandy valleys of the Nile.

I have proved the truth of it practically and by persuasion. For the sake of Spiritualism I have left my home, an easy life amongst a civilized society, and have become a wanderer upon the face of this earth. I had already seen my hopes realized, beyond the most sanguine expectations, when, in my restless desire for more knowledge, my unlucky star brought me to America.

The alternative media exposes everything,except prob,I’ll do it for Brand and Tom Cruise Masonic ood Illuminati Connections.

If the intent is to elicit a laugh, Hoskins doesn’t try very hard past a few jarring curse words here and there, socially awkward situations, and bizarro set design. It makes me wonder if this is all some Dadaist response to the resurgence of fascism, but I’m doubtful there’s that much subtext to it past the almost overbearing absurdity. Aubrey Plaza picks some weird projects to work on, and I’m always glad to see them. Beverly Luff Linn is entertaining at the very least.

Here she is in peak annoyed bitch mode wearing some of the goofiest outfits this side of Bjork’s closet. Make no mistake, I chuckled a few times, but I was nonplussed for the most part. Instead, the movie paints a rather depressing portrait of romance. Settling for second best or your third choice is no one’s ideal, but it happens quite often.

Where Could Conspiracy Theories Come From? Russell Brand The Trews Comments (E102)

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