2018 Chinese Astrology – Brown Earth Dog Year – 4715th Chinese Year

I once heard a Filipino friend said that Feng Shui must work because a lot of his Chinese friends are really rich. The statement is not exactly accurate because most rich Filipino-Chinese do work hard for their money and there are Filipino-Chinese who are not financially rich, but I do know that a lot of Filipino-Chinese do practice Feng Shui thus it helps them with their everyday lives. Feng Shui has reach a certain popularity and a lot of people has some understanding of what Feng Shui really is but to be quite honest its difficult to say what Feng Shui really is. While certain mysticism surrounds the practice of Feng Shui, I only attribute this to the fact that a lot of things involve in the practice of Feng Shui has been lost. On top of that, Mao Zedong also banned the practice of Feng Shui and had a number of books destroyed and Feng Shui experts killed. Nevertheless, a lot of symbolism is involve in the practice of Feng Shui that may help affect the chi of our surroundings that in turn will have an effect on the different facets of our life. Feng Shui may have miraculous effects in our lives but its only one face of our life. The Chinese believe that our life is composed of 3 Branches:

Feng Shui History

This day is the beginning of spring called Li Chun of the solar Hsia Calendar. The Chinese New Year of falls on the 10th February and this is the 1st day of the lunar calendar. Many Chinese does not know the year of the Snake only starts on 4th February They would relate their birth year animal sign wrongly by following the Lunar Calendar. Flying stars are believed to be the most powerful elements of Feng Shui.

Each year the yearly star will reside at one location for the entire year and then moves to another location in the following year.

Feng Shui Love and Romance: Take away tips Feng Shui guidelines on love and romance focus of creating a flow of positive love energy in your home. Organizing your space well at home enhances the easy flow of energy and creates the right environment not .

Even though two areas of the elemental chart are bad this year, lung ta and spirit essence, some good can come due to a strong life force. However, this means that success could be in moderation and hard work will be needed to reap the most rewards. Rather than going with your instincts and taking a chance, be open minded and trust in the victory energy that is backing you. The victory energy is real because the 1 Victory Star is in your sector, helping bring about fortunate opportunities and projects.

The Star of Small Auspicious from the Compass of 24 Mountains has also flown into the area to the left of your home sector. Try to stay calm and low-key if conflict begins to occur from less favorable areas. Focus on a positive attitude. It will be necessary to combat the negative energy that could take control and bring unpleasant luck your way.

Weakened lung ta and spirit essence take away your inner resilience and the luck to succeed, and leave you open to evil persons or spirits seeking to do harm.

Feng Shui Living Room

The second design of the HSBC headquarters building, used from to In the lease cost HKD a month. After raising a capital of HKD 5 million, the bank opened its doors in The building on Queen’s Road Central was in Victorian style with a verandah, colonnades and an octagonal dome , whereas an arcade which harmonised with the adjacent buildings was constructed on Des Voeux Road.

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The Chinese don’t talk about the dead or about anyone who is dying. This is considered very bad luck. Make sure your luck remains intact by not telling any ghost stories. House Cleaning How you sweep your home is very important. You can hold on to the good luck that enters your door by proper sweeping. When you sweep your home, you should sweep inwardly.

You need to sweep all the dirt and dust into the center of your home and then physically carry it out of the house through the back door, never the front door. This keeps the good luck in your home. Gift Giving Whenever the Chinese give a gift , it’s done in pairs or multiples of pairs. If you wish to give a gift, then you’ll want to give two gifts.

The more gifts, the more luck, such as giving four, eight, sixteen gifts, and so on. Gifts are given for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and New Year. Don’t give pointy items as gives, such as a knife set or cacti. These are symbols for severing a relationship.

Phoenix in Chinese Mythology

Feng Shui takes into consideration the idea of energy and what that means to your life. If your life is out of balance, you might have troubles dating, as the logic follows. Thus, here are some ways to rebalance your life in order to attract love and romance. The first thing you want to do is to find the relationship areas of your home.

But your bedroom is a good place to start.

Feng shui is the art of creating environments that act to enhance our lives. Homes have an important impact on our prosperity, health, relationships and success. Your entryway sets the tone as the.

Worst toys of the year according to W. Cerrano explains that decluttering has been a cornerstone of Feng Shui since the craze first hit the U. Wood, which represents wealth and personal growth, can be expressed through plants. Cerrano recommends plants that grow vertically, such as bamboo, succulents, snake plants. Water, associated with career, can be represented with a fountain — although, Cerrano says to make sure the water flow is facing into the home and not towards the door, to direct opportunity to you.

For fire, which stands for reputation and character, light candles or incorporate warm colors. Metal — communication, travel and creativity — can be achieved through a metal picture frame of you and a loved one, or a metal souvenir from a trip.

How to Feng Shui Your Home to Attract Love, According to an Expert

Henry Leave a comment The founding history of Feng Shui is lost in time. The first historical documented reference to Feng Shui was in an ancient Chinese text dating back to around AD. However artefacts bearing Feng Shui symbols go much further back. Such symbols have also been found in a grave excavated in that dates back to around BC.

Find out your Chinese horoscope sign here.. RAT’s Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (North). Success luck from the #1 Victory Star helps the Rat overcome competition and shine. To attract the most positive energy from this star, place feng shui Power Elephant with Warrior or Victory Warrior Flag in your North sector. The #1 also indicates change, large or small.

You can tackle the interior of your home one room at a time. The living room is a vital seat of feng shui for your family and should be addressed with this importance in mind. Most families spend a great deal of time in the living room and because it’s a gathering place, it needs to accommodate the appropriate feng shui energies to ensure the wealth, health, and happiness of the family.

Living Room Location In feng shui, the living room should be located in a part of the house that has at least two outside walls. Avoid using a room nestled deep inside your home for a living room space. The ideal living room location allows chi energy to enter the room from outside without being slowed down or allowed to grow stagnant from moving through many rooms in order to reach the living room. This placement ensures that the chi energy is fresh and energetic enough to activate the living room elements.

Furniture Choice and Placement The living room should never be small. It should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the entire family and guests. A larger room size will encourage the chi energy to flow in and around the room. Where you place furniture can impact the way the chi energy enters and move around the room. General Furniture Placement Never place furniture in natural pathways through the room.

This type of placement will block chi energy, cause it to become stagnant, and create negative energy. Best Couch Placement The main piece of furniture in a living room is usually the couch, which should rest against a solid wall.

Feng Shui Living Room

Your Personal Frequency – What is Pinging? People are not that different than whales. You resonate with a higher vibration, like whale sonar, and only those with a similar frequency will ping back. Because your vibration resonates with specific people, they are your “Pod. Hear your nervous system? That frequency is your individual tone.

Jade Market Hong Kong, a global company importing, retailing, wholesaling, and drop shipping the finest Feng Shui and other Asian arts and crafts in Jade, Bronze, Gold, Cloisonne, Pewter, Mammoth Tooth Ivory, Fine Porcelain and Gemstones.

While to many of us feng shui is still quite an obscure concept, it is set to become increasingly prevalent and familiar in the housing market, thanks to the surge of interest in Britain by Chinese investors, says Ed Tryon of Lichfields buying agents. A Chinese buyer will almost never buy a property numbered four, or on the fourth floor, whereas eight is lucky. I heard the other day of a Chinese buyer purchasing a flat in a large-scale London development without viewing it, simply because it was the number eight.

Tryon has also been looking for over three years at more than 60 houses for another Chinese client, providing details such as the compass direction of the front door and the grid reference of the house to when the roof was last replaced. Many of us are looking for something akin to feng shui without knowing it, he says. More and more of the properties coming to the market have been uncluttered in this way, with a sense of flow and balance, with everything tucked away so that there are no obstacles.

It attracts buyers because quite simply, it makes life easier. Positive, meaningful energy is expressed in a clean space with fresh air and plenty of light.

I’m a Feng Shui Expert—These Are the Only Colors I Would Paint My Kitchen

Elemental luck is high in all three categories, indicating the power to make a year to remember! Career, business and relationship luck look successful and joyous this year, although the 2 Illness Star does make an appearance and threatens some health issues. This strong affliction will need to be handled early in the year since the energy is very negative.

Another affliction is that the 24 Mountains Stars for the year bring conflict and chaos.

The phoenix or Feng huang (also known as firebird) in Chinese is one of the 4 Chinese mythical animals, the other three are unicorn (qilin), dragon (long) and tortoise (guixian). Among the four, only the tortoise is exists in real world.

But like any form of destruction, they leave space and opportunity to recreate, reinvent and renew. New friendships, new patterns, new experiences and new lives. The website works like an eBay for breakups. I mean, why would you want to hang on to souvenirs and reminders of a love lost? Dana made a real and clear connection between our physical surroundings and our emotional state. This was the first time this had really made sense to me.

She explained it simply and beautifully. Your space is a mirror of your life. During a breakup, there is usually a period of review: How did I create or allow! And the answer to that life review, more extensive than a few questions, can be found in your space. Whatever energy we create through our spaces, we replicate in the real world. A person who dwells in fantasy and fantasy relationships often has a very airy-fairy, ethereal sense of space and may need more heavy objects and solid colors and even an area rug to create a sense of being grounded and more physically present.

Or you may find that you are living with tons of clutter in your space and you have, similarly, attracted a partner who has chaos in some ways.

HSBC Building (Hong Kong)

Posted by Derrick Allen in Black Love Advice Feng Shui tips are used to enflame many desires in life, including love, wealth, peace, fame and creativity. Igniting and sustaining love and romance in relationships is one aspect of life that most people find challenging. The great love and romance principles that can help you and your partner ignite the passion, and build a loving and healthy relationship.

However, the overuse of Feng Shui principles overwhelms most people, and sometimes people lack a simple and clear guide on how to use these tips. Understanding Feng Shui basics before applying the concepts helps you choose the most ideal tips for you and your partner. In essence, Feng Shui focuses on increasing positive energy in your environment through the organization of spaces.

Not only can Feng Shui help people to organize their homes, offices, closets, bedrooms, and minds, but it can even assist in the dating world. There are multiple ways Feng Shui can help bring people closer to the love they’ve been looking for in dating.

A review of the history of the property. Feng shui assessment of the property, dowsing for geopathic stress, checking electro-pollution. Discussion of feng shui findings, definition of solutions and implementation plan. Making immediate minor feng shui corrections to the property if possible space clearing and geopathic stress harmonisation.

Follow up, fine-tuning feng shui consultation on the phone after months. Nine modules over one year course. History of modern feng shui; Public perceptions of feng shui Unit 3: Five celestial animals Unit 4: Five elements Unit 5:

I’m a Feng Shui Expert—These Are the Only Colors I Would Paint My Kitchen

FENG shui say “fung shway” is the art of creating a home environment that supports the life you wish to live. A key element of feng shui is creating a smooth flow of chi positive energy through your space. Chi likes to move through your home as though it were a gentle breeze or a meandering stream.

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Bill Davenport Feng Shui Traditional feng shui pronounced fung shway is an ancient Chinese practice earliest evidence dating back to BC. Feng shui uses astronomy and geography to influence the outcome of the relationship between humans and the spaces in which they exist. It aims to create an auspicious, healthy, life-enhancing environment. It was in some places still is used to determine where to live, work, and lay to rest. Modern practitioners use feng shui to arrange furniture and objects to positively enhance the flow of Chi or Qi vital life energy to an optimum.

In turn, this flow can improve health, wealth and relationships. Stagnation of chi can lead to ill health, misfortune, loss, and general negativity in one, several or all aspects of life. While skeptics may dispute feng shui as superstition or psuedoscience, many of the practices are actually derived from basic science and pure common sense. The Bagua The bagua is a type of compass divided into eight trigrams.

Each section has the attributes of a compass direction, season, natural element and other meanings. The ninth area is in the centre of the bagua, and represents balance throughout all areas.

Feng Shui For Love, Relationship & Marriage: Truth & Myth of Mandarin Ducks & Your Love Life

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